What’s your take on love, do you think love should be hidden behind societal barriers? Isn’t love in its purest form, a bliss given by universe and that should be expressed.

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Is love a taboo? Isn’t this too strong, a statement for a fragile and most beautiful feeling in the universe? Well may be yes, but ironically it is so true for a society that we live in. Since my childhood there have been quite a few relationships in which I wanted to pour out my heart and soul. But I didn’t or I would rather say I wasn’t allowed as I was preached since early age to give my love only to my children, to my parents, my future husband and probably of own status. And these unspoken boundaries limited my capability to express what’s inherent inside each of us.

Love is often hidden in layers or cramped in boxes and as a word is most hard to speak or talk about. Don’t believe me? Look at these statements:

“Think with your head not with your heart”, this propagates you…

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6 thoughts on “IS LOVE A TABOO?

  1. Wow🤣🤣🤣the topic is so sweet, in my view 😄Love is not a is a beautiful feeling or a beautiful thing that we should share be it in moments or in feeling but sometimes people misunderstand it and take advantage of the person who is givenit, in love everyone should be whole💖

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