Affect people NOT Infect!

Negativity! Thats what I feel these days, no matter, If I read newspaper or watch news or hear people talk.

When things are changing around us, I understand its human nature to become hypercritical.

But making this a habit is just not right!

I am sure we all have met people who find fault with everything they come across?

These are ‘unique’ categories, though now common, who have a problem with everything in life!

Don’t get it yet?

You will find such people repeatedly saying things like these:

“Its too good to be true, I am sure he/she has hidden agenda.”

“Government is a failure. They never do any good to society”

“They can’t succeed in life, They will end up as below average”

Overall world is surrounded by the most hyper-critical people.

Unfortunately, social media specially with the popularity of twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp has in a way given a safe medium to people to talk and write anything for just about anyone without being held accountable.

I fail to understand so much negativity in people. If you want to see a change then be the change or do something about it else you have no right to criticise.

You know according to experts even listening to negative people on media can harm your brain’s hippocampus!!

More serious effect is in no matter of time you will start to think like negative people and even start justifying them!

They are never satisfied, you give them the world and they will come back saying I wanted the moon.

This is what is happening in the political world these days. Its like no good is good enough for masses!

Stop living in the delusional world of negativity and see the world with real eyes.

There might be a chance, your support can make a situation better rather than worse!

Energy is contagious, either you affect people or infect people-T. Harv Eker”


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