Harsh Reality..!!

The Bible makes note of several supportive in-law relationships, namely Ruth and Naomi, Peter and his mother-in-law, and Jethro, who guided Moses! But how often we come across such relationships in real life? Society might call me the ‘Monster daughter-in-law’ as I am opposed to in-laws moving in with us or any such societal norms! Firstly I know this will create more repercussions to my post by mentioning that as a daughter-in-law she has no moral obligation to caring for  in-laws, her in-laws were not the one who raised her, they were not the one who helped her grow and they were not the one who instilled values of substance in her. Whatever she is today, be a professional who achieved heights, a musician who wooed masses through her talent or a homemaker who is the Queen of her own palace, is because of her parents not in-laws!
There could only be one reason for women to perform duties towards her in-laws and that would be her love for her husband, as he is the one she loved and married.
But is it just women, who needs to play this role of self-sacrifice? Why are men always spared from the dilemma and the whole idea of living with in-laws? A girl is always judged if she doesn’t agree to living with in-laws, she automatically becomes the ‘bad daughter-in-law’, ‘devilish wife’ and ‘worth-less sister-in-law’! 
Honestly, I would love to be there for my in-laws, take care of them when needed, love them, respect them and spend time with them but for this I need not live with them or if I did, it should be my choice not a societal norm!
Sharing the same roof between two couples and especially two women rarely works for the fact that there are not just generational gaps  but differences in the way of living and the competition of ruling the  house. If given a chance I would love to be living near to my in-laws where we are just a call away; next block, next building, even next door,  just not next room! But amen to this society you are the ‘good one’ if you reside in the same house and hate and disrespect in-laws rather than stand by your views and love them wholeheartedly!
I want to ask how many of you actually liked the idea of living under the same roof with in-laws? And to clarify I mean staying with them for ‘their’ good and not ‘yours’!

I would love to hear your thoughts