Boys will be Boys and Girls will be Girls…


Boys will be Boys and Girls will be Girls

The term ‘gender bias’ is most often used in relation to discrimination against women, but men can be discriminated against as well!

Gender bias is harmful to both men and women because ‘stereotypes’ are not always true and having a false view of either gender is not fair.

Gender stereotypes are prescriptive and it’s not just how women and men are, it’s how women and men are supposed to be.

Since childhood both girls and boys are raised in a society where they battle their inner desires. From selection of toys to kind of movies they should watch to how they should act, ‘virtual rule books’ are instilled in their innocent minds.

Women love romantic comedies. Men will laugh out loud at a crude joke. Women appreciate a subtle pun; men a brutal one-liner. ‘Chick flicks’ are for girls. ‘Guy movies’ are for, well, guys!

Members of either sex who do not follow gender stereotypes are often punished or mocked at. It has always been perceived as:

Strong Men and Thoughtful women

It’s time to break the stereotypes of both genders prevailing in societies since ages and it’s best to start it young and when the minds are innocent.

Stop telling kids from young age that boy can’t play with dolls; gender has nothing to do with what toys one should play with, similarly girls should be encouraged to play with racing cars if she wants. Stop posing unrealistic expectations on boys. Boys are not only told that boys are not supposed to cry but crying is equated with femininity and derided –boys sometimes end up forming harmful impressions about women as a result, instead normalize the idea of boys expressing emotions. Men are even mocked for choosing field of study that are less technical like arts, choking their creativity in the process and on the other hand girls are still refrained in many societies from taking science stream as they are not meant for girls. When education did became a subject of gender disparity? Isn’t that should be one’s freedom to choose and learn without being stereotyped?

Boys will be boys and Girls will be girls but that should only mean that they are true to themselves

On this International Women Day, let’s pledge for change  #PressforProgress



14 thoughts on “Boys will be Boys and Girls will be Girls…

  1. Much as I wish what you say is true the differences are an evolutionary bodily one that cannot be overcome even with modern techniques. The leanest female athletes have about 8% body fat compared to 4% for males. Women’s bodies are less muscular but their joints are more flexible an advantage in gymnastics. Men also have more testosterone.
    I did note that Nawal Mountawake is concerned with women’s hurdles , I think mixed hurdles would give an unfair advantage to men.
    Real evolutionary differences are not stereotyping , but difference does not alter their equal value.
    We must remember we are not talking about individuals but these views are statistical and borne out in practice.

    • I agree on that, these are differences between how the physique is and I really don’t think so equality is based on one’s physique or bodily structure. Obviously there will be differences but differences need not mean inequality.

      • The question of equality is the most serious one around today and goes far beyond the problem of sexual equality. There is a religious absurdity often quoted ‘ All Men are equal in the sight of God ‘ but this is far from the truth , some have enormous gifts while others are born with low intelligence or even physical handicaps.
        Lucky ones , like me, are born into rich western democracies , others are born to a short life of servitude. Even in the west those with high IQ often get the best jobs and the highest income , while the poor load supermarket shelves. Some women are born with exceptional natural beauty and others nondescript. A rich intelligent woman may well get a better deal in life than a poor dumb man.
        It is true that man has taken full advantage of his rule over woman for centuries, but inequality between people is with us as it always was.

  2. Sport is the main area where equality would be damaging because when it came to physical pursuits men are definitely superior.
    This originates from our tribal ancestry where men did the hunting and most of the fighting of opposing tribes. Now warfare does not need so much physical strength and endurance women have become soldiers, after all they can fly aircraft or pull a trigger as well as their male counterparts. Perhaps there is something to be said for keeping guns freely available because they produce a level playing field for the strong and the weak. Maybe we should discourage men from the gym and sports training to enable women to catch up and develop physical prowess. I know women’s body building has ballooned and many have developed bodies of which many men would be proud.
    I worry about the upbringing of children ; some would say we should not indoctrinate them with religious beliefs but what are we to do ? leave them alone to make up their own minds? or train their minds as we want them? Children are more resilient than we think and they seem to make their way in the world whatever we do.

    • Dear Kertsen, Thanks for penning down your thoughts here. I agree to disagree on some of the statements, Women are ‘perceived’ as being too weak for sports, particularly endurance sports and this stereotypes has fuelled gender-based discrimination in physical education and in recreational and competitive sport since ages. There was no platform where women could have proved themselves due to above unproven myths. Infact, there are on-going studies that even shows women has higher muscle endurance and stamina then men that is needed for sports! Like not all men are active and strong enough to take up sports similarly there are women who can’t keep up with sports But then there are women who are capable enough to do wonders in sports. There have been exceptional women even in 1980s when the facilities were not so good like Nawal El Moutawake who did exceptionally well even with all the barriers! Also it’s not about discouraging men to ‘let’ women win, because you are again creating a vicious circle of discrimination and tagging her as weak gender. It’s all about accepting how each one of us are without stereotyping the other and preaching the same to our children.

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