Final Adieu


I held her in arms as she whispered ‘goodbye’

Her last breath as she let out a long sigh

Her face swollen, her skin cold and battered

By all means she left our whole world shattered.

I stroked her hand and wiped her eyes

Wanting so much for them to open and see

That I was alone

With agony growing inside of me

One last time I held her hand

And kissed her cheeksĀ 

I wanted to carry her away from there

My lovingĀ Mother who was just too weak

I heard the people all around me

The silence of people now so loud

I walked away, my heart now broken

I tried to face the waiting crowd.

I watched those around shed tears

And utter words of sorrow

How could they know that I was dying inside

Now that I know you wouldn’t face tomorrow!