What kind of love are you in?

The other day, while on a long flight, I was reading an article on different kinds of love that exists in universe. First thought, this article seems crap! But then it started getting funny, You name a love and its there; romantic love, emotional love, protective love, physical love and passionate love and the list goes on! Well I so far know only of one love…that is love!

But as I said, I was on a long, boring flight and had nothing better to do, so this led me to think what if each one of us do have an in-built desired to be loved in a certain way? Something we read in novels or have seen in relationship of someone close to us.

But do we always get love the same way as we desire? Or do we always give the other person same love?

Possibly not? Possibly yes?

They say, there is a thin line between ‘romantic love’ and ‘passionate love’ but experts disagree.’ Romantic love’ provides all the feeling of a new or ‘teenage’ kind of love for your partner but does not give you ’emotional security’. Whereas, ‘passionate love’ gives you physical attraction, emotional connection, friendship and feeling of fullness of love like no other.

Now in most of the marriages, two couples either start with friendship that develop into “emotional love” over time. In this kind if relationship people often are ‘best of friends’ but they lack physical intimacy. This is the most common type of relationship seen between married couples! This provides warmth but any kind of passion is missing in relationship. The major reason of infidelity in this relationship is lack of intimacy between partners.

There is another group of couples who start with passionate relationship that never turn into emotional intimacy and may lead on to “romantic love”. Now you may ask what is the difference? Well couple in this type of relationship can bee seen to outside world as ideal couples and someone totally in love but in reality though they have great physical compatibility, they lack emotional closeness. These are the couples who often turn to their friends or family when they need to talk or resolve a problem rather than each other!

Then there are these ideal set of couple who start with whichever form of love but their relationship turn “passionate love” and stay passionate over the years. These couples still feel the same spark towards each other even after ten years of being married and have excellent physical compatibility. At the same time these couple always turn to each other when they have problems or want to talk. They are best of friends and yet lovers at heart.

Now if you have identified what couple you are…don’t be disappointed if you are not the one with passionate love.

More than effort, I think it requires understanding. Ever wondered why your teenage love had so much spark? Well, because you saw your teenage crush as the most important person in the world! You gave special attention to not only that person but to yourself as well, you were always well groomed for that person! You also made time for that person; even if its for 2 am calls!

Let me ask you, how many times have you got ready in your best costumes to go on a date with your partner after marriage; and I mean GOT READY FOR YOUR partner and NOT for photographs! I can bet rarely!

How many times have you made time for your partners when your partner is away, may be for that 2 am call?

How many time have you made your partner feel that little extra important by switching off your mobile phone when with him/her?

How many times do you actually understand the fatigue behind your partner’s smile?

How many times were you actually listening in between lines to what your partner want to say?

You know we all forget that even though our partner is here to stay and our love will grow deeper with time but that love can also start to become less passionate or less emotional!

May this will convince us all, we were ready to do everything for your teenage or college romances, which for a fact was short-lived but we often fail to work for a relationship that will go on for probably a life time?

So go on do something special, do something meaningful, do something passionate for the one you love.

Keep the spark alive!


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