When Love found Us


Have you ever wondered if destiny actually plays a part in your life choices?

Did it ever occurred to you that no matter how badly you want something or someone you sometimes end up getting something you never thought about?

Are soulmates actually made in heaven?

Cheesy right? But I started believing when I saw this love story that seemed to be created by God and woven by destiny!

It all began back in 2005 in a small city of Northern India.

They met in the first year in the college lobby waiting for the lift to the dental laboratory on fifth floor. Their eyes met and then they immediately looked away. He was with his friend and she was by herself.

“Hi We have seen you going to library daily at a fixed time in evening, you seem really studious for first year” He said to her as they both entered the lift.

With a surprised look she replied, “Well yes, this is all new. Need to catch up on studies”

As they stepped out and entered the lab, they realized they were headed towards the same bench.

They sat opposite to each other and that’s when the first conversation actually began.

He told her he admired her for her hard work and he would want to contact her if he faced any trouble in his studies. She agreed happily. They exchanged numbers and thus began their friendship. Whenever he needed notes or needed help with studies he contacted her.

Who would have thought a mere casual exchange of number could connect them for lifetime!

Life went on just fine as they entered the second year, he became one of the popular guys of the batch and was in committed relationship with a girl in his batch. While she was tagged a nerd by her classmates. But hardly anyone knew she was in a long-distance relationship with her school time boy friend. She disconnected with all so that she could connect with him as they were in different time zones with eight-hours difference.

Even if both of them were not couples they always shared a unique fondness for each other, he nicknamed her ‘Ashru’ and still continued to ask her for notes and messaged her randomly that always involved a sense of ‘harmless flirt’.

She lived in hostel, and nothing is hidden there. As girls started gossiping about her late night calls he became seemingly interested to know whom she might be talking to and teased her. But was happy to know.

Four years passed and it was internship but a lot changed, he had bad break-up, and that is when he became popular as a ‘play boy’. She was herself healing from a heart-break and decided to get back her fun side.

As he heard the news of her break-up he became protective of her.  Few incidence that seemed seemingly normal then, feels so special for them now!

During internship they ganged up as a group of four friends and were always making plans together. one such day they were going on a long drive and she was sitting on back seat and he looked at her in the car mirror, smiled and played a song “I feel so lonely…”

“Wow! since when you started listening to English songs, though this is not purely English?” She laughed as she mocked him

“I know you do! So I bought the CD, transferred the song in pen-drive and have been waiting to drive you so that I can play this song! Plus you never know it might soothe your broken heart! See I took all this trouble for you” He smiled with pride.

“Ha-ha! Hard to believe but thanks” She was surprised, he would take all the effort. He was one of the most lazy person as a friend and that’s how she has always known him.

What surprised her that he remembered she loved this song! She otherwise teased him for his short-term memory as he hardly ever remembered details!

Another fine day, they decided to visit a popular temple far from the city for the sake of their two friends who were in love but wanted to keep it a secret. As they reached and their friends left for some alone time, they were obviously left alone.

They talked for hours about their future, careers, families and didn’t realized how long they have been talking until their friends came back and said, “lets go”.

“We just came, why so soon?” He inquired

“Its been two hours, how long do you want to stay?” a friend replied

“Wow! if you have good company, you just don’t realize the time!” He smiled at her as he got up to go.

Then came the day of dental camp. They were having lunch when suddenly the topic shifted towards heights. He became increasingly persistent to prove that he is taller than her. He made her remove her shoes, removed his and made people take their pictures to prove who is taller!

Well newsflash he saved that picture for long, even after they left college and that they were NOT a couple! Ironic isn’t it?

It was one of the Sundays before Holi, some of batch-mates were planning a trip to water park, they decided to go by cars. He got his car and one other guy from the batch got his.

She was standing inside the ATM, taking out cash, he barged in and whispered “I wanted you to come to the water park”, before she could comprehend, he added, “you seem rich, I have noticed you always taking out cash before we go anywhere!”

She dismissed his remarks by teasing him back “Unfortunately I am not always loaded with cash as you are!”

“Come and sit in my car, I added new playlist”  He followed him but his car was full (his popularity among girls!). She could see a slight glimpse of disappointment in his face as she walked towards other car.

She dismissed it as her assumptions! He remained pretty close to her in the water park, teaming up with her for twin water slides.While returning he saved a space for her in his car!

Internship ended and they left for different courses in different cities.

What seemed ironic was he remained in touch with her, very unlike  him. He usually cuts-off all contacts once he moves on in life. And he did, he was barely in touch with anyone but her.

Life went on, they occasionally talked or messaged. He made a girlfriend soon and so she did. Both were in their happy spaces until the end of Master’s for both.

He broke up again and as has always been the case, called her. But this time things were a little different, he was persistent with his flirts and he was thrilled to hear she got job in Delhi. Well somewhere, she wanted to meet him this time, not just as friend but a bit more fun. And why not they both were single, employed and in same city!

They met in Delhi, dated for about a year. What was special was, they knew everything about each other. Their failures, success, dreams, desires and affairs. More than anything they were friends first. They were happy and content in the time they spent together. They never needed anyone else if they had each other.

He told her he always admired her and wherever he was with his friend in their favorite hang-out place, she was the only girl about whom he used to talk about with respect and admiration.

In that one year they realized something is special about this relationship, they never knew ‘what’ but decided to give it a shot and get married! She was hesitant, he was sure but still both decided to take it forward!

Today as they look back, they can see how destiny played its part, how many times their paths crossed but they didn’t realized they were meant to be!


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  2. Hi. It was Lovely to hear ur beautiful love story .and totally relate too . All’ s well that ends well.. same with yours.. so guys stay blessed and beautiful always ❤️💕

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